Terminator Salvation: From the Ashes by Timothy Zahn – Average Guy Review

Posted By Ethan Cross on Apr 23, 2010 | 0 comments

This was an okay book, if you’re a big Terminator fan.  It did contain some of the cool military strategy that Zahn does so well, but all in all it just doesn’t have much of a plot.  Not that I was really expecting much from it.  Basically, the book follows a community being attacked by Terminators years after Judgment Day has occurred.  Other than showing what life is like for the survivors, it doesn’t really add anything to the Terminator series.  It does contain some cool characters that I hope are in the movie (check back for the movie review – coming very soon).  Personally, I read the prequel to Transformers before it came out and I like the prequel books, because they get me geared up for the movie.  I’ve also picked up the prequel to the new Transformers movie and G.I. Joe movie and will try to read those and post reviews before movie day.  It’s also a quick read at only about 300 pages.  So, if you’re a huge Terminator fan and want to get pumped for the movie, this book would be worth your time.  I’ll try to update this review later tonight and give my thoughts on whether or not it would be worth reading after seeing the film, so check back for more.


After seeing the film this weekend, I`m definitely glad that I read the prequel book as it set the stage and introduced me to a lot of the characters that were used in the film.  I would have liked to have seen Orozco in the big screen version, however.

Is it worth reading after you`ve seen the movie?  Probably not.  It does add a little bit of back story, but nothing significant.  It`s only purpose was showing what life is like after Judgment Day and introducing some of the characters.

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