Dragon Skin – Ethan’s Research

Posted By Ethan Cross on May 3, 2010 | 0 comments

During the course of researching my novels, I find lots of interesting info and learn about lots of cool subjects.  If I find it interesting, I figure that maybe you will as well…

I saw this on Future Weapons, and it subsequently wound its way into my newest novel.  It’s a new kind of armor called Dragon Skin, and it’s capable of molding to the contours of a person’s body while providing better protection and reducing the effects of a bullet’s impact.  The armor acquired its distinctive name from the series of ceramic discs resembling dragon scales that covers the wearer’s torso.  This armor is currently in use by many private contractors and security firms, but the military has disputed that it performs better than the armor currently utilized by our armed forces.  However, I found it strange that, according to Wikipedia, many Generals in Afghanistan have opted to use Dragon Skin when in the field.  For more info, check out a couple of links listed below….



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