The Pharos Objective by David Sakmyster

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The Pharos Objective by David Sakmyster

The Pharos Objective by David Sakmyster

For this month’s Big Thrill, I interviewed a great author named David Sakmyster about his new book THE PHAROS OBJECTIVE…

In 1979, a scientific study tested whether psychics could actually “remote-view” the location of Cleopatra’s lost palace. Amazingly, they succeeded.

Inspired by this incredible true story, David Sakmyster created The Morpheus Initiative, an exciting new team of psychic archaeologists who seek out the world’s most enduring historical mysteries and mystical artifacts. The first book in a new series, The Pharos Objective, has the team pursuing the fabled treasure of Alexander the Great beneath the ruins of the Pharos Lighthouse, while contending with diabolical traps and an ancient society called “The Keepers”.

Check out my full article and interview with David Sakmyster in The Big Thrill…

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