Cut and Run by Matt Hilton

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Cut and Run by Matt Hilton

For this month’s Big Thrill, I interviewed Matt Hilton about his new book CUT AND RUN…

Who is Joe Hunter?

For a start, there are certain things he isn’t.  He’s not a cop.  He’s not a bounty hunter.  He’s not a private detective.  Some people call him a vigilante, but even Joe will tell you that vigilantes take the law into their own hands, whereas there aren’t too many laws that define what Joe does to get a job done.

Joe is someone who cares.  Simple as that.  He doesn’t like bullies.  He doesn’t like men who hurt women or children.  Put into context, that covers a whole bundle of bad guys the world over.  He’s a tough guy with a heart.

In his new book, Cut and Run, Matt Hilton pits Joe against a killer who has stolen his identity and committed a vicious double murder.  His motive?  Revenge.  His mission?  Kill anyone Hunter holds dear.  This forces Joe into a deadly duel of wits that takes him from the streets of Miami to the squalid barrios of Columbia to the jungle hideaway of a drug baron.  And brings him face to face with his past.

Matt Hilton, the architect of the Joe Hunter series, is a writer who has been described by critics as “a sparkling new talent” writing books that “roar along at a ferocious pace.”  I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt, discussing his upcoming projects, and learning about his thrilling real-life experiences.

Check out my full article and interview with Matt in The Big Thrill…

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