Fly By Wire by Ward Larsen

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Fly By Wire by Ward Larsen

For this month’s Big Thrill, I interviewed Ward Larsen about his new book FLY BY WIRE…

Ward Larsen is a writer who has led a life as interesting as the characters from his novels. As a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, he flew over twenty combat missions in Operation Desert Storm, was awarded two Air Medals, received training in aircraft accident investigation, and attended USAF survival training where he learned, among other things, which snakes can be eaten and how to resist “interrogation under hostile conditions.” Ward Larsen’s military qualifications and positions include Expert Qualification in Small Arms Marksmanship, Four-ship Flight Lead, Instructor Pilot, Maintenance Test Pilot, and Flight Commander. Larsen has herded camels using both a jet and an SUV. (He reports that it is far easier with an SUV.).

Ward has also worked as a federal law enforcement officer and an aircraft accident investigator. Presently, he is a captain for a major airline and resides with his family in Florida. And if that’s not enough for you, he is also the award-winning author of The Perfect Assassin, Stealing Trinity, and his latest book, Fly By Wire.

Check out my full article and interview with Ward Larsen in The Big Thrill…

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