Mad Skills by Walter Greatshell

Posted By Ethan Cross on Dec 30, 2010 | 0 comments

For this month’s BIG THRILL, I interviewed Walter Greatshell about his new book, MAD SKILLS…

Walter Greatshell’s new book, Mad Skills, has been described as “a modern classic” and “top notch in every regard.” It is the story of a teenage girl who awakens from a coma to find that her brain has been interfaced with an experimental supercomputer, making her the smartest person on Earth…and possibly the most dangerous.

Unconscious for fourteen months after a debilitating accident, Maddy Grant awakens at the Braintree Institute, where scientists have successfully implanted her with a radical technology designed to correct her brain injury. But Maddy is more than cured. Her intellect has been enhanced to process information faster than a computer-an ability that’s sending her emotions into overdrive.

To monitor her condition, the institute sends Maddy to the nearby village of Harmony, where she will be free to interact with the community. But Braintree’s scientists are not only monitoring her behavior, they’re modifying it, reprogramming her personality to become someone else…a killer.

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