Wildcase by Neil Russell

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Wildcase by Neil Russell

For this month’s BIG THRILL, I interviewed Neil Russell about his new book, WILDCASE, and his career in the film and television industries…

You may have never heard of Neil Russell, but if you’ve ever been to the movies or turned on a television, chances are that you’ve seen his handiwork. He is currently the president of Site 85 Productions, a company engaged in the creation and acquisition of intellectual properties for entertainment media. But he is also a former senior executive of Paramount, Columbia, MGM/UA and Carolco Pictures (producers of the Rambo movies, Terminator 2, and Total Recall), where he also founded and headed Carolco Television Productions. On top of all this, he is a novelist who the legendary Clive Cussler described as “one of the finest, skilled, and accomplished writers in the country, a true master of intrigue.”

Neil’s new book Wildcase is the second in his Rail Black series and the follow-up to City of War. It follows the exploits of Rail Black, an ex-Delta Force billionaire, Hollywood insider, and freelance avenger.

In a desert town on the road between L.A. and Vegas, all hell has broken loose . . .

In a bedroom community populated by good cops and bad cops, a retired police officer and his wife have been brutally tortured and slain. A “wildcase” with no apparent rhyme or reason, it has caught the attention of the FBI . . . and Hollywood billionaire, ex-Delta Force operative Rail Black, who called the slaughtered pair his friends.

With his frighteningly efficient skills and more money than he could ever spend, Rail believes in helping people he cares about—even if it means clashing with the government’s enforcers. But this wildcase has toxic tendrils rooted in a distant past, snaking through a shady megachurch, through Sin City, and into shadowy places halfway around the globe. And the precious blood already spilled is nothing compared to the deluge to come—with Rail’s own added to the mix if he gets too close.

Here’s what some real-life Delta Operators had to say about the writings of Neil Russell:

“Russell will be the next master of the international thriller. Clancy at his very best in The Hunt For Red October was terrific, but Russell is better and the Rail Black character will soon join the legends of Jack Ryan and Mitch Rapp.” – Current Delta Operator Deployed in Afghanistan

“Suspense, tension, mayhem, and action are propelled throughout…This is definitely among the finest adventure fiction being written in America today.” – Former Delta Operator

I had the great honor and pleasure of interviewing Neil and discussing his new book, his life and career in the film industry, and what comes next for a “a true master of intrigue.”

You can read the rest of my article and interview with Neil Russell at http://www.thebigthrill.org/2011/01/wildcase-by-neil-russell/

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