In Desperation by Rick Mofina

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In Desperation by Rick Mofina

For this month’s BIG THRILL, I interviewed Rick Mofina about his new book, In Desperation…

Rick Mofina began writing fiction in grade school. At age 15, he sold his first short story to a magazine, and while still in his teens, he hitchhiked to California and wrote a novel about the experience. He continued down this path and became a reporter, covering stories ranging from serial killers to armored car heists. Eventually, he poured this myriad of interesting experiences into becoming a novelist that has been described as “one of the leading thriller writers of the day” with #1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor pronouncing his latest book to be “A superbly written thriller that plumbs the depths of every parent’s nightmare. Timely, tense, and terrifying, this book is sure to be a big hit!”

IN DESPERATION is book #3 in the acclaimed series featuring crime reporter Jack Gannon. The series was launched with VENGEANCE ROAD, which was named a Thriller Award Finalist by the International Thriller Writers and a Shamus Award Finalist by the Private Eye Writers of America.

IN DESPERATION is the story of 11-year-old Tilly Martin who is dragged from her suburban Phoenix bedroom at night by two men posing as police officers. Her mother Cora pleads for mercy but the kidnappers are clear: if they don’t get $5 million in five days, Tilly dies. If anyone contacts police, Tilly dies.

Journalist Jack Gannon’s estranged sister, Cora, vanished decades ago. Now she is frantically reaching out to him for help. Cora tells him about the shameful mistakes she’s made—but she guards the one secret that may be keeping her daughter alive.

In the U.S. and Mexico, police and the press go flat out on Tilly’s case. But as Gannon digs deeper into his anguished sister’s past, the hours tick down on his niece’s life.

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