The Shepherd Series

Marcus Williams and Francis Ackerman

  1. The Cage – A prequel novella to The Shepherd which features Ackerman and a different cast of characters (written after The Shepherd). It shows Ackerman’s escape from a high security mental institution.
  2. The Shepherd – The first book in the series which introduces you to Marcus, Ackerman, and The Shepherd Organization.
  3. The Prophet – The second book in the series.
  4. Father of Fear – The third book in the series.
  5. The Judas Game – The fourth book in the series.
  6. Only The Strong – Coming Soon. The fifth book in the series.

The Blind Man Series

Deacon Munroe and Jonas Black

  1. Blind Justice – The first book in the Blind Man series featuring a blind special investigator within the Defense Criminal Investigative Service or DCIS and his team.