SPECTRUM by Ethan Cross


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Release Date: July 21, 2017

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A Hostage Situation in Las Vegas Exposes a Secret CIA Research Facility…

The gruesome killing of more than 300 white squatters in a South African village is still unsolved when the alleged assassin enters a storage facility in the US and takes several hostages. No demands and an obvious play for time leave hostage negotiators on edge. When the FBI is called in, they bring Dr. August Burke, a young man with James Dean looks and a brilliant mind capable of seeing behavioral patterns where others can’t. Unfortunately, Burke hates being around people. Can he put his social anxieties aside and solve the mystery before it’s too late?Together with FBI Special Agent Carter, Burke finds the door to a secret laboratory beneath the storage facility. Is this what the culprits are really after? Soon Burke realizes they are dealing with an enemy who is willing to kill thousands without batting an eye. Across the globe, Constable Isabel Price picks up her gun and starts the hunt for the killer behind the village massacre, even if that means losing everything. She has no intention on bringing him back alive. Her thirst for revenge leads her to the US, and her path intertwines with the hostage takers. Between Isabel Price’s quest for bloody vengeance and August Burke’s uneasy gift, Spectrum weaves a web of intrigue and complex characters into an action-packed crime novel.

Praise for Ethan Cross…

Lisa Gardner #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Catch Me and Love You More, on THE PROPHET
Cross pushes the boundaries in this sinisterly clever showdown between one shadowy vigilante justice group and three twisted serial killers. The surprises are fast and furious and will leave you breathless to read more.
Jon Land Bestselling Author of Strong Vengeance, on THE PROPHET
This is the best book of its kind since Thomas Harris retired Hannibal Lecter, a cat-mouse-game extraordinaire that will leave your knuckles white and your stomach churning. Evil has a new name and this is it, but you don’t have to be a prophet to see a bestselling future for Ethan Cross.
Steven James National Bestselling Author of Opening Moves and The Pawn, on THE PROPHET
Solid, memorable storytelling that moves rapid-fire through a complex and gripping plot. Ethan Cross is one of the sharpest emerging writers on the thriller fiction scene today.
THE PROPHET is a terrifying, twist-laden tempest of a thriller that builds to a climax even more ferocious and chilling than the blizzard in which it’s set. With a flawed-yet-likable cast of protagonists pitted against some of the most terrifying and believable villains in recent memory, Ethan Cross’s latest is a definite must-read.
Anthony J. Franze Bestselling Author of THE LAST JUSTICE, on THE PROPHET
Ethan Cross electrifies in THE PROPHET, the stunning new installment in the bestselling Shepherd series. THE PROPHET confirms, confidently and vociferously, that Ethan Cross is one of the best damn writers in the genre.

Welcome to the world of August Burke

SPECTRUM is the first book in a series of thrillers that I believe would be greatly enjoyed by fans of authors such as Lee Child, James Patterson, David Baldacci, Dean Koontz, David Morrell, Thomas Harris, and Jeffery Deaver.

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