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I am Pain
(Father of Fear)

ISBN-10: 1838930981

ISBN-13: 978-1838930981

448 pages

You don't know the meaning of pain. Let me teach you.

A father returns home to find that his family has been kidnapped. He can get them back – alive – if he agrees to pay the ransom. The price is simple: the life of an innocent.

Special Agent Marcus Williams is the only one who can stop the Coercion Killer. But to do so, he must first untangle his family's dark past. A past that ties him to the infamous serial killer Francis Ackerman Jr.

Marcus knows that uniting with Francis will be dangerous. But the Coercion Killer has scarred their lives, and is poised to destroy many more. Sometimes stopping the worst of the worst is a job for the best of the bad.

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