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I am Vengeance
(The Taker)

ISBN-10: 183893104X

ISBN-13: 978-183893104

436 pages

Vengeance is in my heart. Murder in my mind.

Infamous serial killer Francis Ackerman Jr turns his unique and brutal talents to solving a cold case. Working alongside federal agent Marcus Williams, he discovers that the twenty-year-old murder is linked to a string of abductions in the Navajo Nation.

The investigation leads Ackerman and Williams deep into the largest American Indian reservation in the US, where a ruthless drug gang has established its own kingdom. But Ackerman's resolve to use his bad side to do good is shattered when one of his team goes missing. Unless the team member is found soon, the drug runners will discover that the most terrifying predator in the wilderness is a vengeful Ackerman...

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