Reading Order

The Shepherd Series

Marcus Williams and Francis Ackerman Jr.
  1. The Cage – A prequel novella to The Shepherd which features Ackerman and a different cast of characters (written after The Shepherd). It shows Ackerman’s escape from a high security mental institution.

  2. The Shepherd – The first book in the series which introduces you to Marcus, Ackerman, and The Shepherd Organization.

  3. The Prophet – The second book in the series.

  4. Father of Fear – The third book in the series.

  5. The Judas Game – The fourth book in the series.

  6. Only The Strong – The fifth book in the series.

  7. The Taker  The sixth and final book in the series.

The Ackerman & Shirazi Series

Die Ackermann & Shirazi-Reihe
Francis Ackerman Jr. and Nadia Shirazi
  1. The Man Without Fear (Die Stimme des Zorns) – Coming soon! The first book in the spin-off series featuring our favorite reformed serial killer and his new partner Nadia.
  2. The Black Rose (Die Stimme der Rache)- Coming soon! The second book in the series featuring more of our favorite serial killer and his lovely partner Nadia.

The Blind Man Series

Deacon Munroe and Jonas Black
  1. Blind Justice – The first book in the Blind Man series featuring a blind special investigator within the Defense Criminal Investigative Service or DCIS and his team.

The August Burke Series

August Burke and Isabel Price
  1. Spectrum – The first book in the August Burke series.


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